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01:59am 22/10/2005

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03:23pm 09/01/2005
mood: confused
#1) my friends call me shock
#2) 14/ chick
#3) discovery zone [i wish]
#4) always have and always will
#5) um... here we are, just because its playing right now
#6) they all rock
#7) you mean i have to pick...?...
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yeah im new 
05:49pm 07/01/2005
  1) call me sally
2) im 14, and a chick
3)i live at home and is sux
4) is there a reason not to like them?
5)dont have one
7)cant pick
hey here we are rocks 
08:02pm 06/01/2005
  hey i got the here we are cd and it is really good. not as good as what the fuck will change but pretty good. i just thought i would let you know
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06:24pm 22/12/2004
-at my house
-because they have good music and lyrics
-American Culture(i think that is what it is called)
-What the fuck will change(it is the only one i have)
-i dont now the names. sorry
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01:51am 12/09/2004
mood: okay
#1) Your name: esteban
#2) age/gender: 16/m
#3) Where u stay at: Miami. Fl
#4) why u like them: i relate to their lyrics and mainly cause they sound awesome
#5) Favorite song: False Patriot, Religious scam, My neighbors
#6) Favorite album: what the fuck will change?
#7) Favorite threat member: mark

is this community alive or what?
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11:29am 10/07/2004
  #1) Your name-Isaac
#2) age/gender-15/male
#3) Where u stay at-Oak park, IL (right next to chicago)
#4) why u like them-they are fucking awesome
#5) Favorite song-the proles/ religious scam
#6) Favorite album-what the fuck will change
#7) Favorite threat member-yea im gonna have to go with mark unseen, he was awesome for the band
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07:46pm 25/05/2004
  #1) Your name- Chelsea
#2) age/gender- 17, pussy
#3) Where u stay at- California's east bay
#4) why u like them- Cause they're just fucking GREAT! Awesome live shows, swell guys, great music.
#5) Favorite song- False Patriot, Idle Threats
#6) Favorite album- What the Fuck Will Change?
#7) Favorite threat member- Everybody

And if any of you guys haven't seen it and are interested, check out Street Proles, my street punk community-

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10:38am 23/05/2004
mood: amused
#1) Your name: charlene
#2) age/gender: 14/female
#3) Where u stay at: san diego
#4) why u like them: there fucking awesome
#5) Favorite song: were all equal in the end
#6) Favorite album: what the fuck will change, in the red
#7) Favorite threat member: the band.
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12:52pm 30/04/2004
  #1) Your name-John
#2) age/gender: 19/Male
#3) Where u stay at:Milwaukee, Wi
#4) why u like them:They fuckin rock
#5) Favorite song:Filthy, Greedy, Guilty
#6) Favorite album:Until We Die
#7) Favorite threat member:Call me fuckin "oldschool" but when mark unseen was in the band, he brought something different with the style of his voice.
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Special duties 
06:48pm 25/04/2004
mood: apathetic
join if ya like

Violent Society7
12:09am 23/03/2004
mood: tired
I saw AGT tonight. They were fucking awesome. Though I hated the casualties before I went to the show and I hate them even more now. I took some pictures of the guitarist, he is hott.

Stupid Casualties, with their stupid fans.
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09:13pm 20/03/2004
mood: happy
hell yeah! i finally saw AGT!!! i had missed them last year 3 times! so yeah! i fuckin saw them on Thursday with the Casualties! anyone else go??? ha ha ha i forgot what song, but i fell in teh pit for them and got a mean ass burn mark! great fuck show, but they were talking shit. oh well cheers!

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03:40pm 20/03/2004
  oi!, is pete still in the band? i didnt see him on thursday night.  
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06:30pm 20/03/2004
mood: awake
#1) Your name: Mike
#2) age/gender: 15, male
#3) Where you stay at: NH
#4) why you like them: Cause they fucking rule
#5) Favorite song: out in the dark
#6) Favorite album: what the fuck will change?
#7) Favorite threat member: the whole fucking band
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08:15pm 19/03/2004
mood: blah
#1) Your name -Christa
#2) age/gender -13/femme
#3) Where u stay at -lame south jersey
#4) why u like them - they're an awesome band, and it was my favorite show so far
#5) Favorite song- False patriot, bloody, red eyes
#6) Favorite album- Here we are
#7) Favorite threat member- Bryan
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07:25pm 09/03/2004
mood: annoyed
I went to the agt show last sat.. THEY FUCKING KICKED ASS. Im so happy i saw them..
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12:33am 09/03/2004
  i know this is an AGT community, but for any of you who like the virus, their last original member who's been in the band since the beginning (1998), jarrod, left the band but they supposidly have a better drummer now. i find that hard to believe. mike authority better stay in or i give up all hope on the virus.

12 more days till AGT/Casualties/Career Soliders at the henry fonda.
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07:10pm 06/03/2004
mood: crappy
Ok kids, if you like 1977 punk rock then join this:

01:29pm 22/02/2004
mood: awake
#1) Your name- Tina
#2) age/gender 14/female
#3) Where u stay at Chicago
#4) why u like them- The first time i heard they sounded different I also love their lyrics
#5) Favorite song- out in the dark
#6) Favorite album here we are
#7) Favorite threat member- Bryan or john
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